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SWYM | BA (Hons) Applied Theology (Moorlands South West)

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Exit awards:
Cert HE; Dip HE; BA; BA (Hons) in Applied Theology
Academic validation:
University of Gloucestershire
Professional validation:
Mode and duration:
Full-time (3 years) or part-time (varied options available)
Hybrid Delivery – 6 Block Weeks per year at Lee Abbey, Devon; online tutorials and seminars; weekly SWYM cluster meetings.
Student fee: £9,250 (able to access the Student Loan Company for the tuition fees)
Entry requirements:
Suitability for church-based or similar roles; recommendation from sending church; spiritual and personal maturity; two ‘A’ levels or equivalent.
Exit possibilities:
Various church-based ministries, worship leading, children's and families ministry, schools work, teacher training (PGCE)

The BA (Hons) Applied Theology is delivered by Moorlands College in partnership with South West Youth Ministries and is validated by the University of Gloucestershire.

The Applied Theology degree has been designed to give you a robust, biblical foundation on which to build your life and ministry. Whether you are exploring a call to ministry, preparing for missional leadership, or wanting to grow as a children’s and families worker, this programme will equip you to serve God in practical and relevant ways in a fast-changing, turbulent world.

Course Overview
Your studies on the BA (Hons) Applied Theology programme are orientated around four different strands. Full time students will study one module from each strand every year.

Strand 1: Biblical Studies
The Bible forms the basis of all of the College’s teaching and action. As a result, a large part of your academic study will involve robust engagement with Biblical texts. This strand equips you to handle Scripture appropriately, engaging with factors such as genre and cultural context, that inform interpretation. This strand will help you to explore the implications of the Biblical texts studied for contemporary Christian life and ministry.

Strand 2: Christian Foundations
This strand explores the foundations of the Christian faith through developing your knowledge and critical awareness of Christianity’s historical unfolding. You’ll explore the key themes and concepts within the biblical narrative, and the core beliefs and practices of Christian orthodoxy. This strand equips you to be effective in ministry in a variety of contexts by allowing you to engage with contemporary challenges and objections to Christianity and to address them effectively and appropriately.

Strand 3: Missional Contexts
This strand enhances your ability to engage theologically with key features of the contemporary world. It includes engagement with methods and principles of contextual theology, theological reflection and emerging trends in contemporary thought. This strand pays particularly attention to the nature and role of the church’s role within God’s mission, in a variety of contexts, both local and global. In Year 3, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between doing a longer piece of research-based work, or an immersive placement project.

Strand 4: The Christian Leader
This strand enables you to engage critically and theologically with key issues relating to Christian leadership, including a focus on character formation, vocation, and Christian virtues. You will use the insights gained from reflecting on your own practice, to grow in your personal development and in the management and leadership of others.

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