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Belfast Bible College ~ BA (Hons) Theology

The opportunities for serving Jesus in this century are continually developing and changing. We want to equip our students with the ability to encounter new situations with knowledge, maturity and Christian character. We want to help them to develop as critical thinkers who can communicate clearly, practitioners with the ability to engage meaningfully and as disciples committed to following Jesus. This degree in Theology allows students to study a breadth of theological subjects including biblical studies, mission & systematics, while also developing practically in subjects such as youth ministry, family ministry, leadership, preaching and pastoral care. Placements take place each week which help develop practical real-world ministry skills.

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Bristol Baptist College ~ CertHE Theology, Ministry and Mission

The Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission combines cutting edge vocational training in Children, Youth and Family ministry, with the highest level of theological education, to provide some of the leading training available for those called to specialist ministries and mission with children, young people, families and the communities where they live.

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Bristol Baptist College ~ MA Theology, Ministry and Mission

This postgraduate programme aims to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of Christian Theology, Ministry and Mission. The programme is designed to provide a solid background in Children, Youth and Family Ministry for students who wish to develop their understanding of this area of ministry and theology, those who wish to reflect on their practice at an advanced level or who are planning to go on to do research in this area.

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