Christian Youth Work Training

Training with qualifications: JNC Professional Qualifying Courses (Levels 6 & 7)

Courses recognised as carrying Professional Grade status in youth work. From September 2010 you can only qualify if you gain an undergraduate Honours Degree (Level 6) or a Postgraduate Diploma (Level 7). There are different validating bodies in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, but they all recognise each other's qualifications. See additional notes.
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CYM ~ BA (Hons) Practical Theology (with specialist pathways including JNC option)

The flexible suite of Practical Theology courses are designed to equip students through a range of practice, theology and ministry modules where learning in context is an essential element to student development. Full time students attend college at our new teaching centre in Leicester two days per fortnight and spend the rest of the time in relevant practice agency. The usual pattern is three years full time or up to six years part time.
Specialist pathways include Youth and Community Work (JNC), Children and Family Work, Chaplaincy and Contextual Ministry which allows for a range of other community based ministries. New for 2020 is the possibility of living and serving as part of the Community of the Tree of Life in Leicester as your learning context. We can help you find a suitable practice agency or explore the possibility with you of using your current context as part of your specialist pathway.

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CYM ~ MA Ministry and Mission (with specialist pathways including JNC option)

The part time MA is designed to fit alongside your current work or ministry giving you the chance to develop personally and professionally in your new or existing work with children and young people in community. Usually completed in three years students attend study blocks in Leicester and Birmingham then fit private study alongside your other commitments.
Specialist pathways include Youth and Community Work, Ministry with Children, Young People and Families, Chaplaincy and Community Ministry with a range of core and optional modules to adapt your learning to meet your needs and interests. At the heart of all courses is are practical theology modules in community and social context and a third year research project to focus your interests.
Exit pathways are also available after one or two years, including a PG Certificate in Chaplaincy with Children and Young People which meets the requirements of the UK Board of Healthcare Chaplaincy, and the JNC validated PG Diploma in Youth and Community Work and Practical Theology (exact award titles subject to validation).

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Isle of Wight Youth for Christ YDP Scheme

Isle Of Wight YFC are looking to recruit more placement based degree students onto their YDP scheme next September.
Gain 20hrsyouthwork experience each week, based in a placement church who will support and encourage you as well as stretch you and give you lots of youth ministry opportunities.
Work with an experienced, helpful and passionate Youth For Christ team on a wide range of projects from small group work to island wide projects.
Receive £2300 each year towards your college fees and an additional £800 towards your travel expenses…plus free accommodation and meals!
Live on a beautiful Island!
Earn a JNC accredited degree in Applied Theology (Youth & Community Work) at Moorlands College.
For details of the degree course, see the Moorlands College entry: BA Honours Applied Theology (Youth & Community Work)

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Moorlands College ~ BA (Hons) Applied Theology (Youth and Community Work)

A three or four-year degree programme that can be studied at Moorlands College Christchurch (either Campus-Based or Placement-Based), the Midlands campus in Birmingham, or at the Belfast campus, Moorlands NI @ Youth Link.  Learning takes place through immersive taught modules and varied practical experience, fusing biblical depth with robust youth work theory.  Award includes JNC professional qualification.

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Nazarene ~ BA (Hons) Theology (Youth and Community)

One of the unique features of this pathway is that students will gain professional recognition with both the National Youth Agency (JNC) and Community and Learning Development Council for Scotland (CLD).  The practice-based BA (Hons) in Theology (Youth and Community) pathway at Nazarene Theological College equips and prepares Christian youth and community workers for employment in a range of ministries and contexts. The course recognises that it is important for Christians involved in youth and community work to be:
Theologically astute. Exploring our understanding who God is – God’s priorities, values and purposes – to guide us in the work we do
Contextually aware. Understanding how the world is changing and how people’s thinking is shaped by the world they inhabit
Competent in practice. Acquiring the particular skills required in working with people, including listening, group work and evaluation

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