Christian Youth Work Training

Training for work in schools

The following courses include learning for work carried out in schools and colleges. For further information on the academic levels see the additional notes.
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Pais Movement ~ Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships in Youth and Schools Ministry are available in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Poland, USA, Canada, Ghana, Brazil.  There is no cost, applicants need to be over 18 and with three references.

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Scripture Union

particularly focussing on schools work, resources, bible studies and growth issues

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SWYM ~ Be Transformed (Youth)

Gap year in discipleship and practical youth ministry. The course includes the Level 3 “Engaging with Applied Theology” course from Moorlands College. Be Transformed is a great opportunity to explore if youth ministry is something that God is calling you into in the long term. The course acts as a gateway therefore into further training in youth ministry. Students will be placed with a youth ministry project within the South West of England, on a full-time basis, which will enable them to implement and develop their learning and skills.

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SWYM ~ Children, Families and Communities pathway (within the Moorlands BA (Hons) Applied Theology)

SWYM trainees can access the Moorlands College BA (Hons) in Applied Theology, validated by the University of Gloucestershire, through Moorlands College’s South West regional centre based at Brunel Manor, Torquay.  Students will be placed in a church or inter-church project somewhere in the south-west of England and will then attend study blocks plus on the ground support through SWYM.

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