Christian Youth Work Training

Training with qualifications: Higher Education (Levels 4 - 7)

Courses validated by universities. Level 4 is a Certificate in Higher Education and equivalent to completing the first year of an undergraduate degree. Level 5 is a Diploma in Higher Education or Foundation Degree and equivalent to completing the first two years of an undergraduate degree. Level 6 is an Ordinary or Honours Degree and Level 7 is a Masters Degree. See additional notes.
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Oak Hill College ~ CertHE, DipHE and BA(Hons) Theology

At Oak Hill, we are committed to training people for youth and children’s ministry, as well as other spheres of ministry. Our undergraduate qualifications in Theology contain options specific to training for youth and children’s ministry.

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Regents ~ BA (Hons) Applied Theology - Youth Ministry

Run in partnership with Limitless (the youth & children’s movement of the Elim Pentecostal Churches in the UK and Ireland), our BA (Hons) Applied Theology in Youth Ministry explores the overlapping disciplines of youth ministry (practical theology, professional practice, cultural studies and adolescent development) to empower people into ministry with young people. This is a three year programme, which aims to (1) enhance the biblical/theological knowledge of the students, (2) enable them to practically minister in a youth specific context, and (3) ground these from an increasingly developing walk with God. Core theological modules are studied, as well as some youth specific ones, and students also attend a youth work placement. There are also various opportunities to assist with Limitless’ work, including volunteering at their national youth conferences, the Limitless Festival and The Gathering.

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Regents ~ BA (Hons) Applied Theology and Performing Arts

The vision of the programme is to provide those who believe that God has gifted them in performance with a chance to hone those skills in an affirming atmosphere and a place that puts Christ at the centre of all we do.  As well as teaching practical professional skills the course explores the interaction between performance and theology to see how these two disciplines enrich and inform one another. The hope is that the graduates of this course will be the church leaders, actors, communicators, storytellers and performers of the future and will revitalise both the Church and the Arts.

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Reign Ministries ~ BA (Hons) Theology, Mission and Ministry (with a specialism in youth work)

You dream of being used by God to impact youth. You have been active in your church’s youth work. You want more than just a theology degree.  You need training, experience and coaching.  You have come to the right place.
You can earn a BA in Theology, Mission and Ministry with a specialism in Youth Work. We are the intensive campus of ForMission College, which is validated by Newman University, Birmingham.This will prepare you for a lifetime of effective, missional youth ministry.

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Ridley Hall ~ CertHE, DipHE, BA (Hons) Theology, Ministry and Mission

Building on Ridley Hall’s 20 years experience of training children, youth and families workers for ministry in and beyond the church, we continue to offer practice based, degree level training, for all those called to work with children, families and young people as part of The Common Awards suite of degrees.  The Common Awards suite of degrees in Theology, Ministry and Mission is recognised by the church as preparation for professional ministry and mission within churches and to the world.  The degree is validated by Durham University and offered at Ridley Hall as part of an ecumenical federation of theological training colleges.  Our children, families and youth ministry students are an exciting mix of Anglicans, Pentecostals, Free Church, Baptists, Methodists and more!

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