Christian Youth Work Training

Issue based and short courses

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Cliff College ~ Youth Minisry in a time of Pandemic

A brand-new Cliff College Online course led by John Hawksworth, YFC Local Ministries Senior Manager, together with colleagues from our partners Youth for Christ. The aim of the course is to reflect on this important ministry during the changed circumstances that we find ourselves in around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you have been involved in youth ministry for many years, or are just starting out, this six session online course will explore new ways of reaching, leading and discipling young people. It will give you the confidence to do what you are already doing, only better! Topics covered include: Leading in Crisis; Biblical Theology of Youth Work; Practical Theology of Youth Work; How to do it and how to reach them; Young People and Spirituality; What is the Good News for young people?

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Frontier Youth Trust

particularly focusing on Responding to Challenging Behaviour, Young People and Spirituality, Mission, Working with At Risk Young People, Youth Work Development, Youth Work Resources

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Hope UK ~ Young People, Drugs and the Role of the Youth Worker

Hope UK’s ‘Young People, Drugs and the Role of the Youth Worker’ course helps youth workers incorporate drug and alcohol education into their work with young people.  The course is a portfolio-based programme accredited with the Open College Network at level 3 and takes place over 2 days

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Ridley London Online ~ Foundation Award Theology, Moinistry and Mission

The Foundation Award enables you to engage with two theological topics and a relevant ministry topic module, for those looking to sharpen their theological depth in their ministerial practice.

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Romance Academy ~ training

A Romance Academy is a 12-15 week project supporting and mentoring up to twelve young people as they build their self-esteem enhanced by sexual delay.  Each Academy is facilitated by a male and female youth worker who work with the group to ensure each member is valued, challenged and supported on this journey.

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